Parkinson’s Disease Without Tremor

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Basic Information:

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 55
  • Condition: Parkinson’s Disease


The 55 year old lady was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 8 years ago and couldn’t perform her full-time job for a few years. During her weekly combined treatments of acupuncture, Qigong healing (energy healing) and Qigong Tuina (Chinese style massage with Qi), she experienced graceful improvements of her symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. She felt better right from the very first treatment here with our unique way of combining acupuncture, Qigong Healing and Qigong Tuina.

After 5 month treatments on her Parkinson’s disease, she felt her Parkinson’s disease had been about 85% relieved. The best of all, with the improvement of her mobility and balance, she began to work full-time 5 months after her first visit.
We treated her Parkinson’s disease by using a very unique approach of combining of acupuncture, Qigong healing (energy healing) and Qigong Tuina. This effective approach has also been successfully applied to other Parkinson’s disease patients at our clinic.
During the whole treatment process, her beautiful smiles has been steadily and greatly returned as well as her mobility in speed and balance. Her red face is mostly normalized. At the same time her tremor has gracefully reduced. In fact, by the 5th month, her tremor is mostly absent. With all the improvements, she was able to offer a great Thanksgivings dinner on her own.



With Four Month Treatments, Her Sweet Smile Has Gracefully Returned Without Red Face!

Below is a poem written by the Parkinson’s disease patient when she first experienced the absence of her tremor in the morning:


This morning I awoke, quietly
without the tremor—
I forgot it was sleeping still
I forgot that I was still.

Quiet, no notice, no alarm
Just woke up and I was alone and strong
And the tremor slept
While I moved around the house unsuspectingly, unaware of its absence
I almost forgot about it
Steadily handling my world, my keyboard, my hand things as if it were always just like this

And, I remembered Still-Just like this
Paying it no mind
I quietly, forgot

I am Still

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